Ministry of Economy (MoE), IPR-Department

Dubai Customs

Ministry of Economy (MoE) is in charge of applying the Federal law No.(37) of the year 1992 concerning trademarks, which is amended by the law No.(19) of the year 2000 and the law No(8) of 2002 and its executive regulations as per the Ministerial Decision No(6) of 1993, and collection of fees charged for procedures carried out in accordance with the Trade Marks law.

The duties and function of the Trademark Department at (MoE) are as follow:

  • Receive and examine trademarks applications to decide either to accept or reject registration in the Trade Marks Register kept by the Ministry;
  • Issue periodical bulletin for trade marks;
  • Receive, study and decide on rejected applications to register trade marks;
  • Refer complaint applications against management decisions to Trade marks committee in order to inform complainants of its decisions;
  • Receive protection renewal applications for registered marks / amendment in particulars of owners of registered marks / amendment in the list of registered products / transfer and mortgage trademarks ownerships / licensing contracts to use registered marks/ cancel registration, examination and marking of trade marks in the Trade Marks Register;
  • Receive complaint applications regarding infringement on registered trade marks;
  • Coordinate with local departments such as economic departments, custom authorities and public prosecution regarding exchange of information, technical and legal consultations;
  • Working with (WIPO) in order to cope up and keep abreast with the latest developments in the area of intellectual property in general and trade marks in particular, including participation in regional and international conference.

Official Working Hours: Sunday to Thursday from 07:30 to 14:30
Telephone: 0097143141555
Fax: 0097143581811
Address: Sheikh Zayed Road, PO Box 3625, Dubai, United Arab Emirates