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Dubai Customs

Dubai Customs has taken the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) into consideration through firmly combating the smuggling of counterfeited and fake goods and products and all that threatens public health and safety of the local community and the Emirati people or violates producers and trademark owners’ rights. Dubai Customs is also keen on safeguarding legitimate international trade especially for Dubai since it is considered a hub for western and eastern trade movement.

Why do I record my Trademark with Dubai Customs?
The registration of a trademark at Dubai Customs is a ‘must’, in particular for all exhibitor in Dubai to stop infringements at an early stage (Point of Entry). Dubai Customs will register trademarks registered with the UAE Ministry of Economy.

If the trademark is registered at the UAE Ministry of Economy, Dubai Customs will within its boundaries:

    • Make random inspections and notify the registered IP owner about forgery and counterfeiting or commercial fraud of any infringement if and when it discovers them.
    • Will make inspections on IP-owner’s request, if he has facts indicating forgery and counterfeiting.
    • Dubai Customs can and will intervene at the point of entry and stop suspicious goods and inform the registered IP-owner, before allowing the goods to enter the country.

      How do I record the Trademark in Dubai Customs?
      The trademark shall be recorded by trademark owner, agent or legal attorney in the UAE after he has been registered with the Ministry of Economy.

      The required documents for filing a complaint regarding a trademark infringement are:

        • The official complaint to be submitted (in Arabic) by the IP-owner or his legal representative during official working hours.
        • Copy of the registration certificate of the UAE-Ministry of Economy of the concerned trademark, which is object of the infringement.
        • An Arabic or bi-lingual copy of the Power of Attorney, fully legalized. The attorney may be any person, e.g. owner’s representative at the exhibition, local agent/distributor, legal consultant and/or lawyer.
        • A written undertaking that the Applicant covers costs of injunction, inspection, storage fees or any damages or losses caused by a delayed consequence of an improper complaint.
        • An amount of AED 2,000 is to be paid when filing the complaint to cover injunction, inspection, and transfer and follow up expenses.
        • An amount of AED 5,000 (refundable) is to be deposited for anticipated damages/losses caused by an improper complaint to the opponent.
        • Additional fees of AED 500 will be collected for an urgent complaint.
        • Additional fees of AED 1,000 will be collected related to complaints filed outside of the official working hours including public UAE-holidays.

        General Contacts
        Official Working Hours: Sunday to Thursday from 07:30 to 14:30
        Telephone: +9714 417 7777
        Fax: +9714 417 6316
        Address: Dubai Customs Head Quarters Building , Al Mina Road, PO Box 63 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Intellectual Property Rights – Department
    Attention: Mrs. Mahbooba Baqer
    Telephone: +971 4 417 7282
    Fax: +971 4 417 7295