Criminal Investigation Department (CID)

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) protects the general interests of all parties. Their employees are always present in the market (and also in exhibitions) in order to monitor violations, which are harmful to the public interests. If public interest is not affected, no actions will be taken without the complaint of a trademark owner.

There is a standing cooperation between the Criminal Investigation Department and the competent governmental authorities e.g. as DED, Ministry of Economy, Public Prosecutor and Dubai Customs, in order to protect the markets from any process of fraud infringement and other violations.

In 2014 CID received more than 250 complaints concerning a violation of a trademark in Dubai.

The trademarks must be registered at the Ministry of Economy in order for the Criminal Investigation Department to be able to help in the event of an infringement. If the trademark is not registered, the Criminal Investigation Department will not be able to take any legal action.

The CID does not take any legal action unless a complaint has been submitted ​​to the police. The complaint must be submitted by the owner of the effected goods or his duly authorized representative. The complainant must attach all documents to which reference is made in the complaint.

However, in the event of any violation, which may result in damage to the public in this case the CID will take the legal actions even without any complaint.

In non clear cut cases CID will contact prosecutor and follow his instructions. CID is present at exhibitions, for observation but does not take actions on its own.

The required documents for filing a complaint regarding a trademark infringement are:

  • An official complaint letter in Arabic;
  • A copy of the trademark certificate;
  • A copy of the Power of Attorney;
  • A list of the infringers and their location;
  • A sample of the original product;
  • A sample of the infringing product;
  • An explanatory note sample of similarities/differences.

General Contacts
The Complaints may also be submitted by telephone via the Al-Ameen services, under the telephone number: 8004888.
Telephone: +971 4 609 6491
Fax: + 971 4 217 1515
Address: Criminal Investigation Department Head Quarters Building, Near Al Mulla Plaza, PO Box. 1493, Dubai, United Arab Emirates