The UAE-Patent and Design Law 17/2002
as amended by the UAE-Law 31/2006 (Summary)*

The U.A.E. Patent and Design Law 17/2002 (amended by the U.A.E. Industrial Regulation and Protection of Patents, Industrial Drawings and Designs Law 31/2006), containing 74 articles, was issued to protect industrial property and encourage industrial innovations which are imperative for the economic growth in the U.A.E.

The U.A.E. is a member of the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property (September 19, 1996) and of the PCT (March 1999).

As the U.A.E. Patent and Design Law the protection period for patent is 20 years and for design it is 10 years as of the date of filing an application. The application may include a request to claim a priority of earlier application that has been filed in an another state being a party of a treaty jointly with the U.A.E., and the priority term shall be twelve months for patent and six months for design as of the date of first filing.

The payment of annuities can be made on or before the due date at any time and for any number of years.

Dubai, Nov. 2014

Tarek Jairwdeh, Meyer-Reumann & Partners

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