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11th Edition of Nice Classification for Trademark Registration

The latest edition of the International Classification of Goods and Services for the Purposes of the Registration of Marks (Nice Classification) entered into force on January 1, 2017, brings with it a number of significant additions and amendments   [Read More...]

Author: NewsFeed     Date:2/9/2017


Unifying Trademark Laws in the GCC

The GCC Trademark Law once adopted throughout the GCC intends to create uniformity of the regional trademark laws in the Middle East. The GCC member states are discussing a unified trademark law since 2007 and appear now to be moving closer to har   [Read More...]

Author: NewsFeed     Date:3/28/2016


At a Glance - Trademark Registration in Egypt

As a result of the concerned international conventions and treaties, terms and procedures for registering trademarks are quite similar around the world. Egypt is no exception; the country is a member of all the respective agreements and its intell   [Read More...]

Author: NewsFeed     Date:1/19/2016


At a Glance - Trademark Registration in Saudi Arabia

Trademarks in Saudi Arabia may be registered by Saudi citizens or entities; Saudi and foreign residents licensed to reside and practice commercial or handicraft business in Saudi Arabia; citizens of countries treating the Kingdom by reciprocity or   [Read More...]

Author: NewsFeed     Date:1/2/2016


Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in the Middle East

The Intellectual Property Law (IR-IPL) is a legal concept, which determines the protection and the use of intellectual including Trademarks, Patents and Patent Designs. Protection of intellectual property has a long tradition. New efforts because   [Read More...]

Author: NewsFeed     Date:8/5/2015


Substantial Rise for IPRs Registration Fees in United Arab Emirates

The Ministry of Economy in the United Arab Emirates has recently published a list of official fee increases for patent, trademark, design and copyright matters. The increases were made by Ministerial Decision No. 9 of 2015, which appeared in the O   [Read More...]

Author: NewsFeed     Date:4/2/2015


UAE Trade Marks Office puts an end to examination reports and filing a TM-Application without PoA

In the recent period, the UAE-Trademark Office issued several decisions regarding the examination reports and PoAs.

I. Ending of the Examination Reports On 19 May 2014, the UAE-Trade Marks Office (TMO) decided that it will n   [Read More...]

Author: NewsFeed     Date:4/10/2014


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