IP-Team (M&P + Sesam)

Meyer-Reumann & Partners as lawyers for Patent and Trademark Agents at the place of the Exhibition and six countries in the Middle East

Tarek Jairwdeh
Head of Trademark/Patent
Meyer-Reumann & Partners
World Trade Centre # 13
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971(0)4 – 33 17 110
Fax: +971 (0)4 – 33 13 832
Website : www.meyer-reumann.com
Email: tarek@meyer-reumann.com

Tarek Jairwdeh is head of Trademarks and Patents Section at Meyer-Reumann & Partners.

Please contact Mr. J. Tareq if you have any questions regard to legal service for protection of the trademarks and patents and any questions regard to legalize or download documents.

Tarek Jairwdeh’s basic functions are:
  • Handling the trademarks and patents registration;
  • Follow ups with the Trademark Department of the UAE-MoE both in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi;
  • Communicating with the Client, their attorneys and regional TM agents for  the registration of trademarks and patents in the Middle East;
  • Advising on all legal and commercial TM and patent matters;
  • To maintain the M&P TM and Patent Documentation Centre and the M&P-Legal Data Bank for 15 Middle East countries.

Sesam Business Consultants are  Dubai-based business consultants and a research firm with a regional network.

Boris Ritter
General Manager
Sesam Business Consultants
Al Shafar Tower 1 (Tecom area)
Level 20, Office 2006
, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971(0)4 – 4356616
Fax: +971 (0)4 – 4356617
Website : www.sesam-uae.com
Email: ritter@sesam-uae.com

Sesam is a service provider and may i.a. support exhibitors, which are confronted with infringements in the investigations to identify trademark, patent or patent design violations in the exhibition or in the local market prior to or at the time of the trade show, and to secure evidence of trademark violations of specific exhibitors.

Sesam services include:

  • Research of background information of potential trade mark violators in the local market;
  • Collaborating with the M&P as IP lawyers for supporting their legal actions;
  • Documenting and securing of physical evidence of infringements;
  • Pursuing, supervising, and documenting the confiscation and other actions of enforcement.
  • For other Sesam services (marketing, conferences & workshops, trade delegations, b2b meetings etc see Sesam’s Website)